Launch your candidacy



  • 00:10 - Convince yourself. You have a good team!

    Fortunately! And you also say that often, right? Great! But your employees deserve some extra recognition occasionally. Rapidly evolving (digital) challenges often cause annoying worries for your finance department. A nomination for the award of Best Finance Team of the Year can make up for a lot.
  • 00:09 - You consult with your team.

    You inform your people about your plans and that will evoke strong responses. No wonder. This is quite a compliment you are lavishing on them. The atmosphere in the group is bound to skyrocket. And that will boost productivity.
  • 00:08 - You say 'YES'!

    You quickly take action – after all, nothing ever brings you to a stop – and submit your candicacy for the Best Finance Team of the Year award in writing (by e-mail, of course!). Any questions left that you would rather ask in person than in an e-mail? Call Peter De Roeck at 0498 16 02 45, and he will bring you the clarity you need.
  • 00:07 - Take a look at your calendar.

    Three dates are important: 20 December 2019: Deadline for providing us with all the info (see hereafter). 9 January 2020: Meet the jury. This will take about half an hour. 6 February 2020: Award ceremony with evening programme.
  • 00:06 - Brainstorming within your entire team.

    Schedule some time to figure out with your team which elements you certainly want to feature in the candidacy.
  • 00:05 - Contact our editorial team.

    We will pick a date on which we will meet with you and/or your team for an informative and interactive conversation. Don’t hesitate to raise as many issues as you want.
  • 00:04 - You will receive your portfolio

    It presents and supports your candidacy. Read it at your leisure, correct it or supplement it. Feel free to add extra documents. Together, we will make sure that we will have all the materials by 20 December 2019.
  • 00:03 - Meet the jury.

    The members of the jury will expect you and/or (delegates from) your team in Brussels for an informative meeting. You will have no more than 7 slides. You will have half an hour to emphasise certain aspects and to address questions from the jury.
  • 00:02 - Fingers crossed from now on.

    Possibly, a photographer and/or video team will stop by at your office. The tension is building.
  • 00:01 - February 6, le moment suprême!

    A true joy for finance professionals, an audience of 1,000, good food, a unique guest speaker. An evening to remember, in other words. There is a genuine chance that you and your team will take one of the awards home with you!