Info for candidates

Which awards are given?

The jury use objectively measurable criteria to separate the candidates into two categories at the start. A Best Finance Team award will be handed out in each of the following categories:

BEST FINANCE TEAM OF THE YEAR: large enterprises
BEST FINANCE TEAM OF THE YEAR: small, medium and social profit enterprises and organisations

All participating candidates will be eligible for the SPECIAL PRIZE OF THE JURY

The president of the jury

The jury

Editorial team of the jury

Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation criteria for the Best Finance Team of the Year award

• Evaluation of the created solution in its entirety and/or the outlined development and professionalisation of finance.
• Was it a team effort or rather an individual consultancy-driven initiative?
• If it concerns a multidisciplinary project: Was the finance team initiator and leader?
• What is the result of the project in terms of best or advanced practices?
• Did the project result in efficiency improvements to the operation of the finance department and/or the entire company?
• What is the added value of the project for the entire organisation?
• What is the project’s impact on the company’s management?
• To what extent did the project take the stakeholders into account (human and market)?
• How innovative is the project overall, and also – particularly – in the context of the company (background, complexity, culture, and so on) in which it was achieved?
• How are the project’s know-how and knowledge preserved among the team members?
• What does the project’s follow-up look like?

Evaluation criteria for the Special Prize of the Jury (Best Practice)

In its search for the best practices, the jury is especially looking for prime examples. This does not necessarily have to be an all-encompassing project. A specific project aspect or an initiative can also serve as basic for the best practice award.
The main question here: Can this ‘good practice’ become a best practice? This is the case when…
• it is inspiring to other companies, i.e. it is a sort of manual for colleagues to apply the working methods, tailored or not, in their own business environment (because a best practice in one company is not necessarily best practice in another)
• it is innovative compared to common practice, but in particular innovative in the context (culture, background) the project was implemented?
• Does it yield tangible and real, measurable results?

Write down and block in your calendar!

The award ceremony: February 6, 2020

It is a grand and festive event and we hope that you as a team will be present.
Two representatives of your team are already our guest at the event.
But we hope that you use this event as an apotheosis of your candidacy and that you will invite all team members to participate . Therefore, we have created an attractive formula:
- the price of a table is normally 2100 euro or 210 euro pp
- for your team members, the price is only 150 euro/pp (whithout limitation)

Contact us for a tailor made offer ([email protected])