Financial management is multifaceted and the environment in which you follow your strategy is increasingly complex. However, we too often limit our conception of financial management to the technical aspects, the accounting, cash and figures, IT tools, process and rules that define how our organisation uses its resources in order to effectively and efficiently achieve its goals. But, the activities, processes and rules are first and foremost the work of people.It is the people – and not the figures – that define the professionalism of financial management. Financial management is above all about the people, about teamwork.

Our goal with the Best Finance Team award is to draw attention to this fact. The Best Finance Team of the Year award places the accomplishments of the CFO and his co-workers in the spotlight. The award is the recognition of the whole finance team and not an individual reward. CFOs and financial employees looking for individual recognition and prestige are therefore not targeted in this competition. However, CFOs who appreciate the efforts of their employees will find an excellent medium to recognise and reward them, in this award.

The importance of mature, professional financial management should not be underestimated. This is why the Best Finance Team awards also devote special attention to the final achievements of this teamwork: what are the business insight and creative solutions achieved through the financial management and how strong are the foundations for efficiency and innovation within the finance department. These are determining factors for healthy growth and development of a company.

The award is granted to a team of financial employees based on concrete performance and achievements. The principle is that - even if those performances or achievements can only be allocated to one or a limited number of employees (e.g. for a very specific project) - the project could only succeed with the cooperation and input of the whole team. The aim of the award is to also place the less visible contributions to the success of a project in the spotlight. The concrete content of the project can be quite broad or diverse, it can be spread over several years or even describe the evolution and various developments in finance over a longer period. The most important criterion is that the financial department is the initiative taker and/or driving force behind the story. Participating in the award for Best Finance Team of the Year is maybe the best team building activity there is and will definitely motivate your employees to endeavour more!

The "Finance Square award", which is part of the Best Finance Team organization, chiefly focuses on the business partner role of finance and the efficiency of the finance function.

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